Board of Trustees

Library Board of Trustees

Saline District Library is governed by a 7-member group of volunteer residents who are appointed either by the City of Saline or by the Saline School District. Terms are two years. The monthly board meeting is typically held at 7 pm on the third Tuesday of every month and is open to the public. The Board encourages people to email them.

What does a Board Member do?

Most Michigan public libraries have policymaking boards. By law, library boards are authorized to: adopt bylaws and rules for the board’s governance and for use of the library, hire a library director, adopt an annual operating budget, and provide for adequate funding for the library. The Board hires a library director to administer the daily operations of the library. Board duties include: attend and participate at board meetings, be a team player and support board decisions, be an advocate for the library, and respect and support the role of the library director. Anyone interested in serving on the Board should contact the Library Director for further details.

Back row: Anne Cummings, Linda TerHaar, Mike Healy, Lesley Hundley. Front row: Amy Sankaran, Lori Byron, Stephanie Gray.

Library Board Members

Lori Byron
Vice President
Stephanie Gray
Linda TerHaar
Lesley Hundley
Mike Healy
Anne Cummings
Amy Sankaran

Library Board Meeting Packets

July 16, 2024 Download July packet
June 18, 2024 Download June packet
May 21, 2024 Download May packet
April 23, 2024 Download April packet
March 19, 2024 Download March packet
February 20, 2024 Download February packet
January 16, 2024 Download January packet
December 19, 2023 Download December packet
November 21, 2023 Download November packet
October 17, 2023 Download October packet
September 19, 2023 Download September packet
August 22, 2023 Download August packet
July 18, 2023 Meeting Canceled
June 20, 2023 Download June packet
May 16, 2023 Download May packet
April 18, 2023 Download April packet
March 21, 2023 Download March packet
February 21, 2023 Download February packet
January 17, 2023 Meeting Canceled
December 20, 2022 Download December Packet




November 15, 2022 Download November Packet
October 18, 2022 Download October Packet
September 20, 2022 Download September Packet
August 16, 2022 Meeting Canceled
July 19, 2022 Download July Packet
June 21, 2022 Download June Packet
May 17, 2022 Download May Packet
April 19, 2022 Download April Packet
March 15, 2022 Download March Packet
February 15, 2022 Download February Packet


Requests for Proposals

The Saline District Library is currently requesting proposals for Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment. Proposals received by 5 pm on Thursday, July 18, 2024 will receive first consideration.


RFP for Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment

PDF Format


FF&E Bid Package

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The Library Board of Trustees approves an annual budget at its November board meeting for the fiscal year, which runs December 1 – November 30. Public libraries are required to have audits, pursuant to the Michigan Uniform Budgeting and Accounting Act, which must be performed by a certified public accountant. The Library utilizes the professional services of Plante Moran, PLLC to conduct the annual audit.


Current Budget

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Current Audit

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