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Looking for a great book to read? Check out these recommendations from our Youth Department staff!

This Month’s Picks

Book Summaries

Africa, Amazing Africa
by Atinuke– j 960 Ati | Non-Fiction
This bright, colorful book has a page for each country. They are organized by region and the author includes fun facts about each country. The illustrations are a visual treat, so you will enjoy looking at each page as you learn about the different parts of Africa. Learn about food, languages, and culture. (LD)

Rain School
by James Rumford – E Rum | ebook on HOOPLA | Picture Book | School Stories |Africa
In Chad, the first day of school starts with students building the school! This joyful celebration of school in another part of the world is a gentle reminder of what education should be, and how lucky we are right here in Saline, Michigan. (PS)

Ty’s Travels: Lab Magic
by Kelly Starling Lyons – JE Yellow Lyo | Beginning Reader | STEM
Ty and Corey are two brothers who love science, whether they’re exploring the science museum or conducting their own experiments at home. This book uses simple language and word repetition, and introduces new science words like “experiment” and “fossil.” (SP)

Bear Island
by Matthew Cordell— E Cor | Picture Book
Louise is sad. Charlie, the dog, is gone now and she misses him. When she decides to go to the place he loved to be, she is surprised to discover things that help her work through the pain of loss, and help her to see that change can be okay too. (JL)

Little Kids First Big Book: Rocks, Minerals, and Shells
by Moira Rose Donohue – j 552 Don | ebook on HOOPLA | Nonfiction
Learn about how rocks are formed, the difference between rocks and minerals, which seashells animals live in, and much more. This book features over 200 stunning pictures! (EM)

The Princess Academy
by Shannon Hale – j Hal | audiobook on HOOPLA and ebook on OVERDRIVE | Fantasy
Miri lives on a mountain where, for generations, her ancestors have lived a simple life. Then word comes that the king’s ministers have divined her village as the home of the future princess and queen. In a year’s time, the prince will choose his bride from among the eligible village girls including Miri. Forced to go to an academy where they are taught manners and deportment, Miri and her friends learn what it means to be a true royal lady. What happens when being a princess and finding your prince is not your highest goal or priority? Root for Miri as she deals with manners, elocution and bandits. Shannon Hale at her fairy tale ending best: anyone who roots for the underdog will absolutely adore our heroine Miri. (NBS)