Hold Back the Tide

Hold Back the Tide

By: Melinda Salisbury
Publish Date: January 6, 2020
Page Count: 236

Katie's Review

Alva lives by a very specific set of rules. 

Rules that she hopes will keep her father from murdering her, like he did Alva’s mother seven years ago.  Living in a remote cottage set near the town loch, she spends her time helping Da measure and care for the lake, like generations of her family before.  But simply following the rules isn’t working any more.  Alva has decided to disappear and has called on her friend Ren to help her make plans.  However, the loch appears to be dying, as as much as Alva doesn’t want to care….she finds she does.  While trying to figure out why her father won’t warn the townspeople about the potentially devastating effects of an ill lake, Alva discovers that he is fighting something much more sinister.  And he might not be just the madman killer she has always thought him to be.

With a great mix of atmosphere and mystery, this book is both creepy and enchanting.  And just when you think all is settled, you realize the Scottish highlands hold even more secrets.
Thriller, terror, romance.  Check out Hold Back the Tide by Melinda Salisbury today!