Fast Fridays: Basketball Madness!

#1 Box Out

By John Coy
High school sophomore Liam jeopardizes his new position on the varsity basketball team when he decides to take a stand against his coach who is leading prayers before games and enforcing teamwide participation.

#2 After the Shot Drops

By Randy Ribay
Told from alternating perspectives, Bunny takes a basketball scholarship to an elite private school to help his family, leaving behind Nasir, his best friend, in their tough Philadelphia neighborhood.

#3 Ball Don’t Lie

By Matt De la Pena
Seventeen-year-old Sticky lives to play basketball at school and at Lincoln Rec Center in Los Angeles and is headed for the pros, but he is unaware of the many dangers–including his own past–that threaten his dream.

#4 All the Things We Never Knew

By Liara Tamani
Carli and Rex have an immediate connection, an understanding that must mean first love, but family secrets, disappointments–and basketball, which holds center stage in both their lives–all create complications.

#5 My Shot: Balancing It All and Standing Tall

By Elena Delle Donne
Elena Delle Donne, 2015 WNBA MVP and 2016 Olympic gold medalist, shares her inspirational story of being a young basketball prodigy who gave up an impressive basketball scholarship for family and self-discovery.

#6 Attucks!

By Phillip Hoose
This book traces the inspirational story of the Crispus Attucks High School Tigers basketball team and how they broke the color barrier in segregated 1950s Indiana to become state champions.

#7 Games of Deception

By Andrew Maraniss
This is the incredible true story of basketball, from its invention by James Naismith in Springfield, Massachusetts, in 1891, to the sport’s Olympic debut in Berlin and the eclectic mix of people, events and propaganda on both sides of the Atlantic that made it all possible.

#8 Becoming Kareem

By Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Raymond Obstfeld
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar focuses on his relationships with several important coaches in his life, including his father, his high school coach, and Coach Wooden, as he tells the story of his life and career.